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How to Become a Student Member.

Qualifications for registration as a student:

In accordance with the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants Act, 2015 (The BICA ACT, 2015):

Any person-

  1. pursuing prescribed courses of instruction and systems of training in accounting which shall lead to that person becoming a member of an approved institute, or taking steps to satisfy academic and professional requirements for admission to membership in an approved institute; and
  2. who is desirous of being registered as a student with the Institute, shall-
    1. apply to the Council for registration as a student in such manner as the Council may specify; and
    2. furnish to the Council such evidence as the Council may require satisfying that he –
      • is of good character, and
      • has attained the prescribed standard of education.

The BICA Guide to Becoming a Professional Accountant can be downloaded here.

Please refer to the BICA ACT, 2015 (as well as any revisions to this legislation) for additional details.

To begin your student membership application, please complete the Application For Registration As A Student Form. (download here).

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