Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) is mandated by the Institute to ensure that every Member and Associate maintains professional competence in their area of practice.

Every Member and Associate must obtain:

  • a minimum of 30 hours of approved CPD per calendar year
    • not less than 20 of the 30 hours should be obtained from annual BICA sponsored courses
    • at least 14 of the 30 hours must be verifiable hours


  • a minimum of 120 hours of approved CPD every three-year reporting period
    • not less than 60 of the 120 hours should be obtained from BICA sponsored courses
    • at least 40 of the 120 hours must be in the Member’s area of specialty.

Each reporting period, all members will be required to:

    • Submit a declaration as to whether they met their ethical obligation to maintain knowledge and skill to perform competently;
    • Submit a declaration as to compliance with BICA’s CPD requirements; and/or
    • Provide evidence of learning activities or verification of competence developed and maintained (Continuing Professional Development – Attendance Form).

The Council, may at its discretion, determine a sample of members to be audited for compliance with CPD requirements. Any non-compliance with CPD requirements may be subject to disciplinary action.


  • When does the three-year reporting period start and end?
    • From January 1, 2016, forward and for each three-year reporting period thereafter. For example:
      • January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2018
      • January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2021
      • January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2024
  • How do I know that the courses I am taking can be counted towards my approved CPD hours for membership renewal?
    • BICA does not preapprove any providers or courses for CPD. It is the responsibility of the Member or Associate to ensure and prove that its contents meet the requirements of BICA.
    • Council shall determine whether any course or seminar attended by a Member or Associate is acceptable for obtaining CPD hours and such determination shall be final.
  • Record retention
    • Members must maintain records of their verifiable and non-verifiable CPD hours obtained and the relevance of those hours to their role. Records shall be:
      • Retained for 3 (three) years and be subject to examination and verification by Council
      • Provided to Council upon request in writing
      • Provided within 7 (seven) days after the date of the request
  • What are “Verifiable Hours”?
    • Examples of verifiable hours include:
      • Signed CPD forms for BICA sponsored courses
      • Course outlines and teaching materials
      • Confirmation of participation by a provider, instructor, employer, mentor or tutor
      • Independent assessments that a learning activity occurred.
  • What are CPD acceptable topics?
    • CPD acceptable general topics are listed below. Topics other than those listed below may be accepted as CPD subject matter, if proved that it directly contributes to professional development of accountants:
      • Accounting
      • Communications
      • Auditing
      • Ethics
      • Management
      • Quantitative Methods
      • Marketing
      • Behavioural Sciences
      • Finance
      • Statistics
      • Law
      • Tax
  • What activities qualify as CPD?
    • Learning activities that may be undertaken as part of a planned program of CPD activity include:
      • Participation in courses, conferences and seminars
      • Self-directed learning
      • Employer sponsored training
      • Participation in and work on technical committees
      • Developing or delivering a course or CPD session in an area related to professional responsibilities
      • Formal study related to professional certification
      • Participation as a speaker in conferences, briefing sessions or discussion groups
      • Writing articles, papers or books of a technical, professional or academic nature
      • Research, including reading professional literature or journals for application in the Member’s role
      • Professional re-examination or formal testing
      • Providing professional development as an education/training facilitator (inclusive of tertiary education)
      • Receiving professional development support from an education/training facilitator (inclusive of tertiary education)
  • What are the requirements for instructors and presenters?
    • Instructors and presenters must be qualified to conduct CPD programs on the respective topics
  • Do instructors and presenters earn CPD hours for preparation and presentation time?
    • Presenters at BICA seminars will receive CPD hours equal to double their presentation time
  • What are the requirements for course sponsors?
    • The organization sponsoring or organizing the CPD course must be a reputable organization
  • How is the number of CPD hours determined?
    • One CPD hour = 50 minutes
    • Hours of CPD attributed to the course must be pretested to determine average completion time and proposed and agreed upon in advance of the course date.
    • For programs which do not state the number of hours use:
      Actual number of minutes spent in program/50 = CPD hours (round down to the nearest half hour)
  • What are the CPD requirements for new Members or Associates?
    • Where a person becomes a Member or Associate for the first time:
      • in the second year of a reporting period - 80 CPD hours with a minimum of 40 of those CPD hours from BICA Sponsored courses
      • in the third year of a reporting period - 40 CPD hours with a minimum of 20 of those CPD hours from BICA Sponsored courses