Requirements for Licensing

Any person who is a citizen of The Bahamas or a permanent resident who has the right to engage in gainful occupation or is in possession of a valid work permit and who:

  • is a Member of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (“BICA”);
  • has satisfied the prescribed public practice requirements; and
  • engages in public practice either alone or as a owner in a firm or partnership of public accountants

is required to apply to the Council for a licence to engage in public practice.  The application will be considered by Council and Council may request additional information from the applicant.

Council may approve or reject any application.

The prescribed public practiice requirements include licensees being subject to:

  • practice monitoring by the Council;
  • mandatory requirements to acquire Continued Professional Development hours and
  • a requirement to obtain a minimum coverage of professional indemnity and other insurances for the period of the licence.

Publication of list of public accountants

Each year, an alphabetic  list of all members who obtained a licence (i.e. public accountants) at January 31 is published in the local Gazette in the month of February in that year.

To Apply for a Licence

  • Submit the completed application form with:
    • a recommendation from a public accountant certifying to the best of their knowledge that the applicant is of good character;
    • evidence supporting that the applicant, for a cumulative period of thirty-six months, has met the requisite public practice requirements and
    • payment of the Licence application fee (see Schedule of Fees).

To apply for a licence, complete the Application for Licence form. Registered Members can log in at to access the application form.

Licence Renewal