Joining BICA as a Student member is free and gives you access to tools and resources that will help you make the most of your journey towards becoming a professional accountant. Once you’re a professional accountant, BICA will continue to support your journey with technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance.

Why should you join?

BICA has over 400 Members

BICA is the largest professional association for professional accountants in the country, spanning many areas of practice. Joining allows you to exponentially grow your network while you’re still studying and in training to become a professional accountant.

It’s Free — and it Pays

Joining as a Student member is completely free. Not only that, but membership includes special discounts and exclusive scholarship and internship opportunities.

It Oversees Important Milestones in Your Journey

BICA is in charge of licensing all accountants to practice within The Bahamas. It sets ethical and educational standards for the industry locally.

BICA Student members:

  • Are eligible to apply for exclusive scholarship opportunities and participate in member-only programs.
  • Have access to industry news and publications via email.
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers on products and services from partners.
  • Have an opportunity to attend a day for free at BICA’s accountant’s week.

BICA YACHT (Young Accountants Committed, Hardworking and Trustworthy) Club

Accounting majors at the University of The Bahamas are provided with further opportunities to develop their professional goals and obtain leadership skills through interaction with BICA and industry practitioners.

How do you take advantage of these benefits?

First, ensure that you meet the requirements for becoming a student member as outlined at
Requirements for registration as a student.

To learn more about how to become a professional accountant, refer to

BICA’s Guide to Becoming a Professional Accountant.