Other Memberships

The majority of the members of BICA are also members of other accounting institutes and bodies. Information received from such institutes or bodies that is of particular relevance to our membership is included below.

  • Georgia State Board of Accountancy – Requirements for Reinstatement

    In order to re-instate your license with the Georgia State Board of Accountancy, please see the below information received from a representative of the Georgia State Board of Accountancy:

    "You will need to file a reinstatement application since your license is in Lapsed status.  Additionally, you are required to sign the Notarized Affidavit section as a Qualified Alien and provide an acceptable Secure and Verifiable Document which would be the combined “R B1/B2” USA Visa (include an I-94 printout of your status). This requirement was defined by the Georgia Attorney General’s office in March 2016.
    Please go to our website at www.gsba.georgia.gov and complete the Individual Reinstatement Application from the Forms Download menu (Tab located on the top middle of the front page).  The CPE requirements are listed on the front page of the application.  Make sure you complete it entirely and include all requested documentation and the $300 fee."

    BICA Secretariat